Closed-Head Steel Drums
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隆興鋼鐵 產品介紹

密閉型一般漲線桶 密閉型W漲線桶 密閉型W漲線壓紋桶(螺旋桶)


Closed-Head Steel Drums


55 Gallon Steel Drums
Closed-Head Steel Drums with 2" and 3/4" Top Bung Openings.


Raw material complies with CNS-9278/JISG-3141/ISO-3574
Designed, manufactured by CNS-9446 and ISO-15750 standard
Size: IDÆ570mm±3mm X H890mm±5mm
Complies with IMO regulations and are UN approved.

Drum's applications : Petrochemical related products (Resolvent, Resin, Lubricant), Oil, Juice, Honey, Diesel etc. Zinc-plated drums, stainless drums, PE lining drums, acid resistant coating drums for special chemicals.

Steel thicknesses range from 0.9mm to 1.2mm(can be customized).
Type of Hoops:Rolling Beads,W-Hoop,Rolling Beads with Corrugations,W-Hoop with Corrugations.
With extraordinary printing and screen printing technology. Color, Logo are available upon request.

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